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Marriages can break down at any stage, but many find it more difficult to comprehend when a couple has been together for many years. Over that time, they will have inevitably gone through a lot together, including raising children, in many cases. To outsiders, including even those close to them, they may still love and care for each other, but that doesn’t mean that the marriage is happy or healthy. Here are the top eight reasons why long-term marriages end in divorce.

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Infidelity can happen at any time during a marriage, from those who are newly married to those who have been married for decades. The impact of the infidelity is no less forceful when the marriage is long term. The cheated party obviously feels hurt and betrayed, and there is a breakdown in trust, none of which is good for a healthy marriage. However, one of the crucial reasons why infidelity is so damaging is that it is often an indicator of something more fundamentally wrong in the marriage. In other words, it is a symptom of a problem that accelerates the breakdown, rather than the root cause of the breakdown.

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