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Planning meals when you have diabetes is difficult enough at times. It is even more difficult to get snacks that will curb your hunger, satisfy your appetite and fulfil a craving, but won't send your blood sugar astray. When most people think of snacks, they think of foods that are high in sugar, but there are plenty of other tasty alternatives. Here are eight of the best.

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You might be wondering why apples are on this list, given that they contain quite a lot of natural sugar. This is true, but they are also packed with other nutrients, and they are one of the best snacks you can eat to stop hunger pangs all the way to your next meal. In fact, studies have shown that people who eat apples between meals consume 15 percent fewer calories at the next one. So apples are good, but how do you get around that high sugar content? The best way is to only eat small apples, and to eat them with a source of protein. This helps to control your blood sugar levels, plus it adds another dimension to the taste. An example is slicing the apple and spreading a layer of peanut butter.

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