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Known as the "silent killer," diabetes often hastens symptoms and complications that, in and of themselves, can cause major damage to the body. Severely weakening blood vessels and nerve cells, the disease can give rise to devestating conditions with often tragic consequences. Understanding and addressing any diabetes-related issues that arise is absolutely vital for anyone suffering from this silent killer. 

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Affecting 400 million worldwide...


Afflicting nearly 400 million worldwide, diabetes, if not caught and treated properly, is very much a silent killer. From blindness, to kidney malfunction, to chronic issues with blood vessels and veins, the list of complications that can potentially arise in the wake of diabetes is definitely frightening. The US alone, according to research from the American Diabetes Association, accounts for 30 million of those afflicted. The main problem is the lack of understanding and education when it comes to the early stage symptoms.

Indicators such as excessive thirstiness, fatigue, slightly blurred vision and tingling sensations in toes or fingers often get dismissed and thus the disease’s warning signs are left unheeded. Diabetes’ march throughout the body at that point can be devastating. Sufferers may experience one or many major issues. The following are just a few of the life-threatening problems that diabetes can unfortunately cause within the body.


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