6 Signs You're Pushing Away Your Adult Children Slide (1 of 7)

Many people think they will be able to spend more quality time with their children when those children become adults. Without the pressures of living together or the separation that often comes with going to college, the relationship should move to a new level, right? For many people this doesn't happen, though. In fact, the opposite can happen - it can feel like you are drifting apart. Are you the cause of this? Here are six signs you could be pushing away your adult children.

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You Make Contact Too Often

Do you call, email, text or Facebook message your children all the time? Do you contact them when you know they are busy, such as when they are at work, getting the children ready for school or putting the children to bed? Both examples are a problem - contacting your children too much, and contacting them at inappropriate times. One way you can decide if this applies to you is if you are the one constantly initiating contact. If your children rarely make contact, or take a long time to respond when you contact them, try to scale things back a bit.

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